Faith Sunday was an incredible start to the future of Bethany Church. Collectively, we came together to commit to contribute $5,493,580 over the next 365 days to the Build Your Church campaign! Whether you're looking to share your faith goal or give, let's see this God-given vision come to pass.

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Over recent years, the mission of planting churches across Louisiana has become firmly embedded in our hearts. In the last two decades alone, we have expanded our reach from one campus in Baker to locations in Baton Rouge, Livingston Parish, New Orleans, Houma, and now the island of Puerto Rico.

Our congregations and communities in Baton Rouge and Baker have faithfully carried the vision of expansion and generously contributed to the growth of Bethany. Through the Build Your Church campaign, we believe it’s now time to lay the groundwork for these foundational campuses to continue the ministry of our church through the decades that lie ahead. Our vision is anchored in the hope of the Gospel.

First, we aim to create sanctuaries where the message of Christ can be preached, the presence of God tangibly experienced, and the lost can be found, year after year.

Next, we aspire to construct a nurturing environment for children and families - a place grounded in the Word of God that fosters Christian fellowship and development. From here, our vision expands to developing a hub where the next generation of Christian leaders and ministers can receive hands-on training and the opportunity to step confidently into their divine calling.

Initially, we aimed to renovate our current South Baton Rouge facilities, but as we took a closer look at the work required, an exciting new direction emerged.

This campus will now completely transform into Bethany Christian School. The expansive footprint will provide ample space to accommodate additional grades and educational programs for our growing, Christian education institution.

This transition will occur after a new South Baton Rouge Campus is constructed in front of the crosses. This development is forecasted to be within the original project budget, all while creating state-of-the-art spaces for the ministries of Bethany Church.

The Projects

The repurposing of our current SBR facilities for BCS & construction of a new campus at the crosses.

A renovation of our Baker campus to set us up for future stewardship

A new space for the next generation

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Projects Begin in 2025

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We are excited to see the success of this three-year campaign and eagerly await the start of each project. Together, stepping forward in faith, let's embrace the journey to continue God's incredible work through Bethany Church.

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