Jesus the Healer

B-Group Lesson Part 1 of 10


We believe that it is the will of the Lord to heal people. Jesus demonstrated in his earthly ministry that it was an important part of his passion, restoring broken humanity to health. His word declares that it is his desire to heal us. Today we will discuss some of the practical ways to stand on his word to receive healing in our bodies.


  • Story #1 Matthew 8:1-3 
  • Story #2 Matthew 8:5-10
  • Story #3 Matthew 8:14-15
  • Story #4 Matthew 8:16-18

Here are four stories of Jesus's healing power and why it still applies today. 

Things to Note: Jesus had just taught the Sermon on the Mount on the same mountain he is walking down.

Story #1: The Leper - The Power of His Will 

Jesus desires to heal, but we can’t wait to believe before we see the results. Our faith must be attached to the word of God. “I am willing.” The very words of Jesus show us he desires to heal. 

Question: When was the last time you personally asked the Lord to heal you and truly believed it was his will for you to be healed?

Things to Note: Faith matters - 10 of the 19 healing miracles in the gospels were done “according to their faith.”

Story #2: The Centurion - The Power of His Word.

The power of God's word over our lives remains evident today. Jesus is willing. He desires to heal us. The question is, are you willing to take the word of God and go home with that as your assurance? The officer was willing to go home without seeing any miracles because he believed in the Word. 

Question: What are some obstacles that can oftentimes hinder your faith? 

Things to Note: In the book of Luke, we see the same story, and Jesus actually rebukes the fever.

Story #3: The Fever - The Power of His Touch

When we are in his presence, there is an opportunity for us to touch and be touched by God, but it is just as important that we lay hands on the sick and believe for their healing. This is scriptural. Jesus laid hands on Peter's mother, and she was healed. 

Question:  Do you have a testimony of a time when someone agreed with you in prayer, and you felt God's touch and received healing at that moment? Share with the group. 

Things to note: Isaiah 53:5 He was whipped so that we could be healed. 

Story #4: The Multitudes - The Power of His Sacrifice

Jesus was among the people and was moved not only with compassion but in action to cast out demons, heal the sick, and meet the need at that moment. His entire reason for being here on Earth was to bear our iniquity's weight. That fact has not changed or lost its importance today. What Jesus did makes it possible for us to live in his abundant life in every area, including healing and truth, still stands today. 

Steps of Action: 

  1. Come to Jesus
  2. Believe it is His Will
  3. Take Him at His Word
  4. Receive prayer from His people.
  5. Thank Him for His sacrifice

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