The Kingdom Forecast

B-Group Lesson Part 7 of 10

Big Idea: The Message of Jesus during his time on earth was to expand God’s Kingdom. All through the Gospels, the Kingdom of God (and Heaven) is mentioned over 100 times! The Kingdom of God is His reign and rule. If you want to be a part of the Kingdom, then He must have access to rule over every area of your life. 

“Jesus Christ did not come to form a religion but to establish a kingdom.”

Key Scriptures: 

  • Matthew 13:31-35
  • Matthew 13:44-58

The Forecast Is:

1. Mixture

Jesus gave three parables to teach us that while on this earth there will be mixture.

  • Mixed Reception - Not everyone will receive the message of the Kingdom. In the Parable of the Sower, Jesus explains that not all who hear the the Word will listen and follow.
  • Mixed Masters - The Parable of the Wheat and the Tares. Satan’s mission is to separate creation from the Creator. Our lives may be surrounded by weeds, but we must continue to live for Christ and be the Wheat until the time for sifting and harvest comes.
  • Mixed Outcome - The Parable of the Net. The Lord has set forth his rule and the Gospel is going out all over the world to every nation. When Christ returns, there will be some that join Him in Heaven and some that will not. The question is, will you allow Him to rule completely in your life?

Question: Many people will hear the good news of the Gospel, but not everyone will listen. When was the first time you heard the Gospel and said YES to following Jesus? Share with the group.

2. Takeover

Like the Parable of the Mustard Seed, God starts with something small and ends with something much bigger than what is expected. When just one person or family partners their faith with God, His Kingdom expands. His power cannot be stopped! For example, Bethany church started with one man who turned left instead of right. Countless lives have been transformed because of one decision made by one man on a lonely road 60 years ago.

Question: What legacy do you want to leave for your family? What are some small steps you can take right now that can have eternal impact? Share with the group.

3. Sacrifice

Jesus taught on the Parable of the Pearl, which explains how a merchant was looking for these costly gems. When he found one of great worth, he sold everything else in order to purchase this pearl, which represents the Kingdom of God! You will face moments of sacrifice to gain the Kingdom, but nothing will ever be more valuable. Many that have gone before us have sacrificed family and even life for the Kingdom.

Question: Have you had to sacrifice anything since beginning your walk with Christ? Maybe you had to give up a hobby, significant other, etc. Share with the group.

Action Steps: 

Our hearts are full of expectation as we learned of the great work that is beginning in Puerto Rico. This is God’s Church and HE is building it! Here is how each of us can be a part of the Kingdom this week.

  1. PRAY for the Wiggins and Torres families as they live on mission.
  2. GIVE to the work that God is doing in Puerto Rico.
  3. GO! The Lord is ready to partner with you as you step out in faith and say “yes.”

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