The Parable of the Sower

B-Group Lesson Part 4 of 10

Big Idea: 

When God speaks, we each have a choice in what we do with the word. In everything God creates, He uses the concept of sowing a seed and reaping a harvest. He has planted a seed in our hearts, but what type of soil are we cultivating? God desires each of us to have a fruitful life-not just FOR you, but IN you and THROUGH you to be used for his glory! Today, we will look at the four types of soil that Jesus spoke about in the Parable of the Sower. 

Key Scriptures:

Main Point: Jesus taught that there were four types of people with very different soil.  

Type 1 Soil: The Blah-Blah Bystander

This is someone who struggles to believe what they have seen and heard. Before the seed has a chance to grow, doubt comes in. Just like birds in the parable, the seed is picked away before it has a chance to grow. We must recognize that the devil is our greatest adversary and he is always looking to steal the word from our hearts. 

Question: Have you ever struggled to believe God’s word was true for you in your own life? 

Type 2 Soil: The Short-Term Sizzlers

This is a person who receives the word and even gets excited about it, but allows it to wither because they have not nourished what was planted. In order to grow, we must spend time meditating on God’s word. 

Question: When God gives you a word, is there someone in your life to talk about it?

Type 3 Soil: The Choked-Out Consumer

This person is constantly worried about their life's pleasures and money. They become consumed with what they have. They strive to achieve only to be left filled with stress and anxiety. Like the rich young ruler, they cannot forsake their pleasure-filled life to pursue God. 

Question: Has God ever asked you to give something up for Him? Maybe it was something you owned, a position at work, or even a boyfriend/girlfriend. Share with the group. 

Type 4 Soil: The Fruitful Faithful

This title describes someone who nurtures God’s word and faithfully waters the seed in their heart. They are hungry for everything God has and won’t let anyone or anything choke it out! Often, a faithful person is someone who learns to persevere through difficult seasons. 

Action Points:

  • Soften your heart and just receive.
  • Soak in God’s presence this week.
    • Wednesday Night Prayer is a great place to start!
  • Simplify your life this week.
    • Throw something away!
  • When God speaks a word, meditate on it.

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