Triumphing Over Temptation

B-Group Lesson Part 2 of 10

Big Idea:

Each of us will face wilderness seasons throughout our lives. Even Jesus was led into the wilderness to be tempted by Satan. Satan will use the wilderness to bring hopelessness and despair but God uses it to build our character and break pride off of our lives. Jesus would begin his ministry which was filled with miracles immediately following this season. 

Key Scripture: Luke 4:1-11

Main Points

We must begin by recognizing whose wilderness we are in. Here are two ways we can recognize and overcome the enemy.

1: The power of the Word

We hold power over the enemy when we declare God's word over our circumstances, minds, and, as we learned last week, our bodies. Satan cannot stand against God's word. 

Question: What is your favorite scripture to declare over your life? 

2: Understanding the origin of temptation

We often allow thoughts to enter our minds, unknowingly planting seeds of wrong desires. The weight of these desires can be overbearing and bring a sense of hopelessness and despair. Over time, we even begin to blame others for the issues in our lives. Eventually, these desires can give way to sin in our lives if we are not careful.  

Question: Have you ever been tempted to blame others for the problems in your life? Do you have a story to share?

Steps of Action: 

  1. Take a personal temptation inventory. Where does the devil try to attack you most often?
  2. Identify the desires behind the temptations. What desires exist in your heart that Christ can fulfill?
  3. Find your scripture to stand on. What does the scripture say concerning your desires? These scriptures will be your weapons against temptation.
  4. Know who will support you. The battle with temptation is just that-a battle! We need a family of believers whom we can turn to in moments of weakness. Who is that for you?

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